1 September 2021

Infinite, deckbuilding and Regionals

Players, we have some news to share about The Coruscant Initiative.

A parallel "DB"

First, you will now be able to enjoy a copy of the SWDestinyDB online database, focused on the TCI project. The functionalities remain exactly the same, so you can manage your collection and your decks there (or even import them from the original site, using the export in text file format). The advantage of using our own version are:

  • An offload (less overload) the original site, for players who only play the TCI format
  • Being able to integrate this tool into a new online gaming option (more info soon)
  • To allow our playtesters to do their work as easily as possible (they've been using this version since day 1), with an easy access to the future cards

Where does the magic happen? The link is accessible from the menu above, or you can bookmark the address direclty : https://swdb.coruscant-initiative.org.

Our own Infinite format

Up until now, we had not yet defined a way to play Eternal Conflict and Parting Words cards outside of our standard (competitive) format. It's now done! Our main principles were :

  • We made some modification to the Balance of Force, already in place by FFG
  • We removed the Restricted List in favor of a Banned List, which is much easier to use
  • We do not plan any new errata...
  • ...but we have a pretty significant banlist

Why such choices, and on what basis? There are already plenty of "mandatory" erratas in the game. Therefore, we preferred to keep things simple, by choosing not to restrict the ability to include in an infinite deck what in our opinion is unbalanced in terms of effect / price ratio (zero cost dice for example). Overall, we want to avoid negative gaming experiences as much as possible. Of course, it's always a shame not to be able to play all the cards that you have, but the possibilities are so endless that there will often be alternatives... So check out our Holocrons section!

Regional Tournaments Season

Last but not least, we are launching our season of Regional Tournaments, for our most active local French communities. The prizes will include:

  • Beautiful playmats (see picture below), 2 different ones forming a diptych (original illustration courtesy of Charles Logan and produced by Deep-Cut Studio)
  • Promotional cards (for all participants) based on those illustrations
  • PVC cards of our Eternal Conflict promo characters (produced by Aegis Creative Company)

The current Covid-19 situation makes event planning relatively complicated. Currently planned:

  • Saturday September 18th in Strasbourg (France)
  • Sunday September 19th in Nantes (France)
  • October in Mons (Belgium)
  • Paris, Lyon and Toulouse to be determined

Please feel free to join us on Discord or follow our Facebook page, we will post details of confirmed events as soon as possible.