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# Fan Made Set Language Printable Full Bleed Material
1. Eternal Conflict
Released on 8 January 2021.
Contains 90 cards, 8 new dice, and reuses 32 existing ones.
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2. Parting Words
Released on 4 May 2021.
Contains 34 cards, 0 new dice, and reuses 16 existing ones.
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3. Altered Paths
Released on 30 November 2021.
Contains 90 cards, 18 new dice, and reuses 34 existing ones.
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How to print our fanmade sets?

Here you'll find a list of our published creations, along with the number of cards it contains, and also the number of reused dice and new dice you'll need in order to play with the complete set. You can choose between a ready-to-print right-sized PDF file, which contains all the cards images, as well as a ZIP file with independent full bleed card images.

The files are currently in 300 DPI. We are working on a 600 DPI version. We will update this page once it is available.

The illustrations used are artworks given away by their artists for this specific scope, or are modified Star Wars movie pictures, comics or concept arts. The source of each original art is mentioned in the PDF file.