Who, what, why?

What is it ?

The Coruscant Initiative is composed of a group of 5 players : lanoix, Leddon, Strog, Fresck and Eizig. We are all French speaking players. Our goal is to offer a continuity to Star Wars: Destiny where FFG left it off.

Why ?

Of course, we are aware of the group called A Renewed Hope, and their take on the game. To simply put it, and while we do acknowledge their effort, we do not think that what they are offering is “the” answer for us. You might find what you are looking for when playing the cards of Faltering Allegiances, and we think it’s great that you do. Though, we want to offer an alternative for the players who want one.

How ?

As previously stated, we already have a group of people involved. lanoix is in charge of the technical aspects (TTS / DB) as well as Logistics. Strog is the Lead Designer. We also have Fresck, who is assisting him on the Design work. Leddon (the current EU Destiny Champion) is responsible for Balancing, while Eizig is taking care of the communication. But this is not a project of just 5 people. This is the project of an entire community. Thus, we need the community in order to bring it to life.

When ?

The design of our first set, Eternal Conflict, has been completed. It contains a total of 90 cards. The next step for us is play-testing / balancing. Then, we will be able to ship the set out there. Our goal is to get the set ready by the beginning of 2021. Right now, our plan is to organize a group order for the people in France and Belgium. The set will also be available to download if you want to print it out at home. And of course, it’ll be available on TTS.