23 December 2020

Players Tools

Making a fan-made set also means having the right tool to support it. Since the beginning of our project, we have built an alternative website to SWDestinyDB and made some modifications to it. Today, we are proud to bring those modifications to "the" SWDestinyDB that you are all using!

Here are the modifications we have made :

  • Issues with Transformations cards have been fixed
  • Each format can now have it's own list of banned or errata'd cards
  • Non-unique elite characters works as you would expect (allowing several combinations)
  • Default behavior about sets and reprints when editing a deck have been modified
  • "Team-up" cards will be fixed this week too

You can review all the changes on the Github page of the project.

We hope the global community will appreciate our contribution. Additionally, as we're drawing near the release of our set, please enjoy a new batch of spoilers. Blues ones, this time !

See you all very soon, and May the Force be With You.