5 May 2022

Star Wars Day deserves some news

While our active communities are discovering Altered Paths through some IRL tournaments, the day following a Star Wars Celebration seems a good day to bring you some news about the TCI project. Do you agree?

HU Translation

Our last set Altered Paths, like the other ones, is now fully available in Magyar. This means our 3 sets are fully available in 3 languages. Big shout out to Do0m (on our Discord server) and Hungarian players! Check our download page to get all the printable material you need.

Grand Championship

While the accommodation we had for organizing a Grand Championship tournament end of March could not be held due to the (end of, hopefully) COVID crisis, the idea is simply postponed. We think that it's not a good idea to put this on summer schedule. Most people would probably rather enjoy outside events with friends or family. So you'll have to wait a little bit longer. Although we have some leads, if you know well a particular place that would be central for player joining from France and Belgium, get us in touch please.

Reused Cards

Due to several requests in that way, we are thinking of bringing back a small pool of cards from the Infinite format to the Standard format. What are your thoughts about this? What are some cards you want to play again in our competitive format? We would of course playtest that pool of cards before releasing anything, so don't hesitate to start talking about this subject on our Discord server. All opinions are welcome.

"One More Thing"

Last but... not least. Our next set. You are waiting news about it. It will look like our second one, Parting Words. That means it will be smaller but mainly thematic. It's time for us to bring you something recent, appreciated, and waited by a lot of players. Do you have any idea?? To create this set, we want to give our player base more voice. So we decided to open our own card builder, which will allow you to build up your nice idea as a real card and then send it to us, directly into our content management system.

You can check it here : https://www.coruscant-initiative.org/builder/

It will also allow you to use our dice recycler, a tool that will show you dice corresponding to the sides you need. Feel free to copy/paste the image on our Discord server if you want to publicly share your idea.