20 October 2020

Project Announcement

If you’re reading this, you probably have spent a lot of hours playing Star Wars: Destiny. We all love this game very much, but maybe not all for the same exact reasons. There are many different playstyles out there (aggro, mill, control, tempo, etc…), and to each his own. But what we love the most in Star Wars: Destiny, is the impact of decision making. Our ultimate goal, when you will be playing the cards of Eternal Conflict, would be that spectators of the game think “wow, I wouldn’t have played it that way !”, because decision making is the heart of what makes a great game. One specific moment in a particular game must offer not just one, but multiple solutions. The set that we have designed is composed of a total 90 cards. We have also reused dice of the previous sets (28 out of 36 in total), while offering new ways to play them. We do not want to inject new mechanics just yet since we think that Star Wars: Destiny still has a lot to offer as is.


When the set is ready, all of our fan made, non official cards (and the sides of corresponding dice) will be at the players’ disposal, in the form of PDF files to print out at home. It will include the cards as well as the sides of all the dices. For the international community leaders who are willing, we can also organize a group order from a professional printer.


As soon as our first set Eternal Conflict is available, we are going to enter a new era for Star Wars: Destiny. Going forwards, we are going to propose Holocrons and Rules updates regularly, may it be for the new Standard format coming (Convergence · Spark of Hope · Covert Missions · Transformations · Eternal Conflict) as well as the Infiniteformat. We can already share that we are going to remove the Restricted List, which will be replaced by a Ban List. Design mistakes happen, and we consider that we should not be afraid of setting aside some cards rather than trying to balance over and over a card which will always be problematic. We will be listening constantly to your feedback in order to maintain a sane state of the game, and be as swift as possible when making those changes.


The design of our first set Eternal Conflict is over, and we are ready to welcome you in our playtesting phase on TTS. Please check our Discord server and let us know if you would like to be a part of it!


In order to benefit from the biggest flexibility, we are going to use a new version of the website SWDestinyDB that we all know. By doing so, we are 100% independent in regards to its content. We will be publishing the cards of the Eternal Conflict set on it, as well as our own formats ; playtesters can also consult the cards and build their decks over there.


We all know that communication, when not handled correctly, can be a real nightmare for the players. This is why we are making this very website / forum, through which you can keep yourself posted about the evolution of this project. You can also join on our Discord server.

Organized Play

This project will come to light only thanks to you all, a game in good health means that players can meet (in physical or virtual places) through events and share their passion for the game. Hence, we are going to reignite Organized Play by proposing tourney kits at every level : local, regional, and national. Local events will happen throughout the year, based on how your local community is organized; while regional events will take place in the first half of the year, and nationals in the second half. Every community leader is going to be invited to speak up in order to participate in the global organisation of Organized Play, but also in order to be a direct gateway between the players and each aspect of the project.


This project isn’t only ours. We truly wish for it to be yours as well, and we hope that you are going to want to participate. There are two very simple options. You can ask all the questions in the world, share with us, give us feedback, may it be negative or positive, and even participate in the coming design contests that we are going to implement. If your passion is pushing you further, you can also reach out and be a playtester or a community leader. We are thrilled to welcome passionate people in our ranks, allowing us to be even more efficient.

The future of The Coruscant Initiative is in front of us, and with you all. We believe that with our will and your help, we will be able to release between 2 and 3 sets each year. But this is not all, since we are going to spice things up with flavor heavy mini-sets, approximately 20 cards each, in between bigger set releases.


Eternal Conflict, our very first major set, is to be released early 2021. We can’t wait to share with you the cards that we have created, and to roll some dice once again. In the meantime, we invite you all once again to join our Discord server. May the Force be with you.

https://discord.gg/hu833fC http://facebook.com/TheCoruscantInitiative