6 January 2021

Eternal Conflict - From a Certain Point of View

Today, we'd like to give you a sneak peek inside Strog's mind, the lead designer behind Eternal Conflict!

"As an introduction I'd like to highlight the fact that we all love Star Wars very much and this is what drives our design, always."

Palpatine : Palpatine discovered how to heal himself in episode 9, but he is still haunted by his auto-zap ability, as we’ve seen him do many times now. We also always dreamed of a 3-dice character, and we've decided that no one else could get that honor than the Sith Eternal Emperor, Palpatine. Furthermore we gave him his old die from SoR, following the path opened by FFG in Transformations.

Leia/Rescuing a Princess : As the Legacies bloc is rotating out, we could not accept the fact that there won't be any Leia in the game so we decided to create one that was never done before, the Princess. That Princess is to be rescued in episode 4, so we had to create a mission to go after for our beloved characters. Once more, we've been inspired by Double-sided Cards introduced by FFG and did something in the spirit of Rescue Han.

Ki-Adi-Mundi : KAM is one of the classic Blue hero you can encounter in SWD, but we tried to reflect his ability and wisdom. As a Cerean, he has 2 brains and is able to think better than your average Jedi in order to adapt to the situation. This is what we wanted to be reflected in the game, by giving him choices to make. We also loved to reuse that Old Obi-Wan die and give it a new life.

Millenium Falcon : No Falcon in a Star Wars game is, for us, as inconceivable as no Leia, so it was mandatory for us to create one. With that Falcon we continued the piloting theme introduced in Covert Missions, and gave it even more strength, being able to fire multiple times with pilots in the top and bottom turret. It comes with a twist though, as you absolutely need a pilot in order to be able to fly the beast.

Curved-hilt Lightsaber : Blue needs some strong staple upgrades in order to compete in SWD, and that's why we decided to create this redeployable weapon. This gorgeous looking kind of Lightsaber is a tough one to master and that's why Jedi or Sith can use it better than any other character in SW. Reusing Makashi Training gave us this opportunity as the modifier sides could be a pain in the ass if you want to use it in a 3-wide ramp deck as we've seen previously with droids.

A Game of Sabacc : Sabacc is an iconic facet of Star Wars that we particularly love. Here we wanted to recreate that one game that allowed Han to win the Falcon from Lando. The design of this card introduces a game into the game which feels really nice and immerses you even more into Star Wars.