30 November 2021

Altered Paths is here!

Dear TCI fans, our newest set, Altered Paths, is finaly here!

The light side and the dark side are two sides of one same coin. Flip that coin and see on which side you will land!

Altered Paths is closing the gap between the dark side and the light side. We know of many characters who came from one side and ended up on the other. Some are also lingering in between! For this set, we wanted to honor those characters. We are confident that they will bring many interesting plays and deck building ideas.

The main game design feature here is new die costs. We are following the path that FFG started to take with Wild Horizons here, but we are pushing it further. We are bringing indirect damage, shield, and discard costs on die sides. You might have to think twice before resolving a die now, as you may find yourself having to take some damages, remove a shield or discard a card from your hand in order to resolve it!

For the occasion, the Holocron has been updated. You can find it on our site as well as on our DB.

We wanted to thank all the designers and playtesters who made this new set of 90 cards possible. Also, you may remember we had organized a design contest a few months ago, in order for our players to have a chance to see one of their idea printed in our set. So here we are... Congratulations to chromesto (from Finland) and 3c-1o (from France), for having proposed respectively the cards Eavesdrop and Tranquility. And of course, a huge thank you to all participants.

Don't forget that you can build your decks and play online via your web browser with our new cards right now! Just click the DB link above!

We hope that you will enjoy this set as much as we enjoy crafting it. Thank you all once again, and May the Force be with You!